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January 31, 2011

Links Make The World Go Around

Gentle Reader,

More fun from the internet, loosely based on literary leanings:

1. Passive-aggression can be hilarious, so click here...

OK, I’m going to allow myself this one, on the grounds that it broadly fits into “all things literary”. This site is hilarious. If you have ever received a passive-aggressive note from a house-mate, colleague, or even a random person who doesn’t like how you parked, then you’ll be able to relate to this site. Some of these notes are justified, some not so much; but they all beautifully capture the quivering indignation –and in some cases, outrage – of a person who thinks they’ve been wronged. For a lesson on expressing emotions, we writers could do a lot worse than take a leaf from the passive-aggressive notebook.

2. To learn that there's no trick to being a novelist, click here....
During the month of January, The Writeaholics Blog has featured posts from new and established writers, who have written about their first year(s) of writing. Your blog hostess was featured on this Sunday. Click here to read about my early writing journey, complete with mutant bull-chickens, faulty GPS systems, and even a bit of Confucian wisdom!

3. For eight ways to win the heart with your novel, click here...

I recently stumbled on this blog post, which is particularly inspiring to those who ever have, or ever hope to write a novel: Eight Ways to Win My Heart... With Your Novel




muso-blog-hog said...

Hi CJ ~~ thanks for the links above , especially Eight Ways To Win My Heart ... With Your Novel .
It's a great post !

Charlotte Jane Ivory said...

"Eight Ways" is an inpiring post, isn't it? Glad you enjoyed it!