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February 7, 2011

Links Make The World Go Around

Gentle Reader,

Hey, look at that - Monday Linkies is becoming a bit of a tradition. Is it because I nerdsessively surf the internet over the weekend instead of going out and partying like the rest of the civilised world? Is it because I am low on creative mojo on Mondays? Is it because I’m a naturally generous person and love sharing the wealth? You decide.

(NB You're thinking about stealing the word “nerdsessive”, aren't you? Don’t even think about it. In fact, to assert my ownership I shall use the word once more before this post is over.)

1.  Secretly we all judge other people on their shoes, so click here...

If Shoes Could Kill has upgraded itself to If Style Could Kill. Personally I don’t think the new name is half as catchy as the old one, but I’m going to forgive them, since they’ve branched out to making fun of all sorts of fashion weirdness. Moments of bizarre, and flashes of brilliance, from the far reaches of fashion. Good fun.

2. Recycling is good, and recycling your novel is even better, so click here.... 

Over at Murder Your Darlings I discuss a scene and some characters that it pained me to part with. So I didn’t: I just mashed them into the next one! Hooray for recycling.

3. And I’m plugging a blog, that plugs your blog, so click here...

Carolyn Arnold has recently started Plug Your Blog Friday. If you have a blog, don’t forget to show up at Carolyn’s on Friday to shamelessly publicise it. Remember, the more links there are in the webosphere that lead to your blog, the higher it will appear in Google searches. Yes, I know that’s a bit nerdsessive of me (ha! And you thought I couldn’t do it), but there’s not much point in us writing all this stuff if no-one’s going to read it – right?

Linkier than a lynx standing next to a chain-link fence,


PS I have thought about it, Gentle Reader, and you may use the word “nerdsessive” with my blessing. I realise that keeping it from the world would be too unkind.


muso-blog-hog said...

Thanks for the wonderful links CJ . And by the way , I think the Monday Linkies is a combo of all three reasons as stated above .
Once my re-vamped blog is up and running , I will visit Plug Your Blog Friday .
Thanks for sharing !

Charlotte Jane Ivory said...

LOL - you're probably right about the combo of all three, M! I'm certainly in touch with my inner nerd (waits for the chorus of denial... continues waiting... gives up and goes home).
Do let us know when your new blog is ready - I love a shiny new blog :)