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February 16, 2011

Ten Questions to Ask The Agent Before You Say “I Do”

Gentle Reader,

This week I was invited to guest blog on author Carolyn Arnold's blog A Writer's Journey. The lovely Carolyn features a guest blog spot called Welcome Mat Wednesday every - you guessed it - Wednesday.

My post is Ten Questions to Ask The Agent Before You Say “I Do”, and I hope it will help new writers, especially those who are in the midst of, or will soon begin, the querying process.

Hop on over and have a look! And if you're keen, click here for information on taking part in Welcome Mat Wednesday


muso-blog-hog said...

I hopped over to check out the post . It is very informative and answers a lot of my unasked questions .
For the writers who are still in the early stages of the process , it gives us enough time to digest this information .
Thank you for sharing .

Charlotte Jane Ivory said...

Thanks, Michelle! I'm happy you found it helpful. It's always best to consider these things early, because when you do get The Phone Call, your rational thought processes tend to turn into something like this: OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod