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March 22, 2011

Tuesday Tangle: Book Launch Juggle

Gentle Reader,

this week's Tangle is my publishing-obsessed twist on an old favourite. See if you can figure it out (and if you remember the original):

You are a literary agent, whose author client has written a fabulous new novel, a massive hardcover tome of two thousand pages. 
Tonight is the novel's launch party, across town. You need to bring with you the author, the novel, and your annoying cousin who happens to be a very scathing book critic. However, all you have for transport is your aging (but tres chic) Vespa, so you can carry only one thing with you at a time (the author, the novel, or the critic). 
BUT if you leave the author alone with the critic, there will be fireworks. If you leave the critic alone with the book, he'll rip it to pieces. How do you get all three to the book launch, with the minimal amount of damage?  

Scroll down for solution...

Solution:  (Mouse over to reveal)
Lucky you're on a Vespa, because otherwise this would cost you a lot in gas!

First, take your annoying cousin (the critic) to the party. Return home to pick up the novel, then take the novel to the party.

At the party, pick up your annoying cousin the critic (they're probably sick of him anyway), and bring him back with you to your apartment.  Drop the critic off, pick up your author client, and take him to the party across town.

Then (if you really have to) return to your apartment and pick up your annoying cousin.

So, how did you do? Do you have what it takes to be a literary agent? ;)

PS I'd just like to say to any critics reading this blog, that I think literary critics are the salt of the earth. Really. They make the literary world go round. So please don't mess with my stuff.


Cat said...

:D Got it! Though I sort of cheated because I have the solution to the original puzzle memorized from watching the UK Office TV show over and over again (it shows up in my favorite episode, "Training").

Charlotte Jane Ivory said...

Yay Cat! I love The Office (UK) too :)

Trisha said...

Hi Charlotte - I gave you an award! check it out :D

Charlotte Jane Ivory said...

Oh, you lovely thing - thanks! I shall pay it forward soon :)