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September 25, 2011

Tagged! Ten Random Facts About Me

A game of tag has been making its way throughout the blogging community, and today I was tagged by the fantastic and funny Dana. To play, all you need to do is be tagged (see my list of "victims" below!), write a list of ten random facts about yourself, and then tag more people. Fun!

Here are my completely random facts. Enjoy!

1. I left #1 until last, because I thought I should start this list with a bang, and figured by the end I would have thought of something AMAZING... Not so much.

2. Sometimes I just click "next blog" on my own blog to see what random stuff I can discover. There are some weird and wonderful things out there in the blogosphere; you should try it some time. (Not yet though - read the rest of this post. It gets better, I promise.)

3. I harbour a secret desire to compete in roller derby (blame Drew Barrymore and Whip It!), but I have the WORST sense of balance on roller skates. Le sigh.

4.When I was a kid I had OCD-like habits. I was never able to walk on the cracks on the footpath, but even more, I couldn't walk on imaginary cracks that extended from the corners of walls, kerbs, etc. Eventually I think my feet got too big so I had to quit it!

5. I would love to have blonde dreadlocks like these:

I just don't know if I could get away with it at the office...

6. I'm learning salsa dancing. Slowly. And badly.

7. I take eight vitamin pills a day. It started as a one-a-day Vitamin B habit, but then my gym instriuctor told me "everyone" should take a multi-vitamin, and the bottle said two of those a day, and then there's the omega-3 fish oil (for healthy skin and coat, or something), and then I started working fulltime and decided I needed better quality sleep, so I started taking natural hops before bed... and so it went on. Nowadays, if you shake me, I rattle. But in a very healthy way.

8. I am on a seven-year quest to find the perfect stylist in my home town. (I used to have the perfect stylist, but then she switched salons. I've been hopping from salon to salon since then, a la Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap)

9. Apropos Quantum Leap, that was one of my first can't-miss TV shows as a youngster, along with The Young Riders.

10. Apropos of The Young Riders, I always thought Stephen Baldwin was the yummiest of the Baldwin brothers.

It was his sassy attitude that made me love him

I hope that was random enough! I'm tagging three great writers whose blogs I love:
1. Laurie
3. Carolyn Arnold

Have fun!


Trisha said...

I've been tempted to do that "Next Blog" thing more often. I have done it before but not for a long time.

Dread locks...they look awesome in that pic, but usually they don't look so awesome. And they kind of make me want to spew :P

Charlotte Jane Ivory said...

Uh-huh, I bet they would look straggly and greasy on me if I ever did it... but doesn't that picture look fantastic?
I think it's a "grass is greener" thing - all my life I've had dead straight, fine hair. And all my life I've WANTED messy, wild, big, crazy hair (I'm talking blonde afro styles).
PS Dare I ask, Trisha, if you're following the Rugby World Cup? ;)

Dana said...

Thanks for playing! :) I love the dreadlocks! I hear you on the "grass is greener" thing. I have straight, fine hair too, and my sister got the thick, wavy hair. It's hard because there's not much I can do with it, and there are so many styles I love that just won't work for me...