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June 23, 2011

The Middle Way

So, the Buddhists have this concept called The Middle Path or The Middle Way. It's all about striking a happy balance between a life of sensual indulgence (yummy, but causes indigestion and regrets) and a life of extreme self-denial (puritanical and wholesome, but puh-lease....) The Buddha apparently promoted a happy medium - a little from Column A, a little from Column B, and voila - there you have a happy well-rounded human being.

Anyhoo, my point (and, as Ellen would say, I do have one) is that I've decided to go with Buddha on this one. As many of you now know, I have a job (hurrah!). It is brilliant, but time-consuming and tiring. After a long day at work, I can barely bring myself to do normal things (make dinner, feed the cats, take out the trash) - let alone be creative witty and wonderful enough to write novels AND blog.

But I don't want to give anything up (yeah, that's me to a "T"!). So my new plan is The Middle Way: write a little on weeknights, and use the weekends to blog and get some meaningful writing done.

It will mean I will blog only once or twice a week, but I figure that's OK - unlike my amazing blogger friends in the author blogosphere, I'm lucky if I have even ONE pearl of wisdom each week.

Anyway, I hope you will stop by on Mondays (or anytime through the week) and say hello! I'll be doing most of my blog-stalking on the weekends, so watch out for me then!

From beneath the dusty pages of Appeal Court decisions,

Charlotte xxx


linda said...

Best of luck to you as you search for that elusive balance. :) It's hard to juggle everything and I try not to give myself too much pressure regarding blogging and social media since I'm just in it for fun. Hope the new schedule works out well for you!

Dana said...

Good luck with your new schedule! I'm looking forward to your posts. :)

DearHelenHartman said...

This sounds really smart. I know tons of authors blogging and frankly, I can't keep up with them as a reader, so I fall away. Readers will be there when you have things worth saying!

Charlotte Jane Ivory said...

Thanks Linda, Dana and Helen! Honestly, I don't know how my friends with full-time jobs manage to blog as much (and as well) as they do. Serious kudos to them...
And you know, I actually feel excited about blogging again, knowing that I have a realistic schedule - instead of feeling a lingering sense of guilt that "it's been so long since I last posted!" :)

Caroline said...

Congrats on the job! And I feel your pain... Somedays I come home and don't even have a spark of creative energy. Especially if I've spent the day fussing at people for evading my red tape!

And like you, I can only post once a week (maybe two if something interesting develops), so I completely understand!

Best of luck to you!