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June 11, 2011

Work-Life Balance? Yeah, Right.

To my darling blogger friends
Who’ve noticed I’ve been away;
I promise I will make amends
But when, I cannot say.

A law firm, bless their cotton socks,
Has given me a job.
I’ve become a gal in a power suit,
From a track-pant-wearing slob.

So now I’ve joined the happy rank
Of those in gainful employ;
But though I no longer fear my bank
There’s a sadness to my joy.

Yes, it’s good to have some cash
But there’s one TEENSY flaw;
There’s such a lot of hours to work
On the “right” side of the law!

Monday to Friday I toil away
On paperwork, letters, and files;
And when I get home I flop on the couch
And sleep between laundry piles.

I have no time to bake a cake –
I have no time to jog;
I have no chance to visit the gym
Or even update my blog :(

And don’t get me STARTED on writing!
The words I’ve managed are few.
(And when you divide the words by days
The figure’s about twenty-two.)

But, Reader, one day I shall conquer
This elusive work-life strain;
I will bake, jog, work and write my novel
If it damned well explodes my brain!


Dana said...

Congratulations on the job! I was wondering where you were. :) I love the poem--that's a nice bit of writing right there! Good luck finding more time for writing.

Carolyn Arnold said...

Awesome poem girlie! I've missed ya, but it sounds like you're enjoying your job at least.

linda said...

Congrats on the new job! Love the poem. :) Hope you figure out the work/other stuff balance soon!

TCW said...

Sorry - this is pretty terrible but I couldn't resist. And the sentiments are true. I am blessed to be able to do what I do and I hope you end up as happy.

I quite understand your confusion.
In fact it is one of life's ills
That it's hard to weave words of illusion
When you're out hard at work paying the bills.

I worry sometimes that I'm lazy
I just slum around and don't work
And sometimes I get sort of hazy
'Bout how come I just get to shirk.

My novel is called 'The White Rajah'
I think it is quite a neat book
It could probably be a lot larger
But it's short and about Mr Brooke.

So now I am done with my plugging
I must tell you the trick to my life
I don't go out robbing and mugging
I'm just happy to live off my wife.

She's kind and she's generous and giving
And puts up with more than she ought
But she's my biggest reason for living
And I reckon I should share that thought.

I hope that your job really goes well
And you enjoy all the money you get
And the rest of your life is just so swell
That you never have any regret.

MISH said...

Hey CJ ~ congrats ! Oh , and nice poetry writing !

Charlotte Jane Ivory said...

Thanks for all the congrats you guys - and the understanding! I've decided I will blog on the weekends and just accept that on week nights I wont have time. It's a shame, but for now I think it's the best solution!
@ TCW - wow, you put my little ditty to shame! Love it :)