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November 2, 2011

Word Count = 3375

I had intended to start every NaNo day on a new document, so that I could easily see exactly how many words I had written on any given day. The theory worked for... umm... *counts on fingers*.... exactly one day.

Never mind; at least now it's easier to have a running tally!

By my calculations, I should have 3332 words, so I'm slightly ahead of the game. Some of my NaNo buddies are really kicking it already, with word counts of six or seven thousand. Very impressive. But as for me and my laptop, we're going more tortoise than hare this year. As long as I get my 1667 each day, and maybe a handful more on the weekends, I'll be happy.

Today I wrote a creepy scene introducing the protagonist's stalker, a troubled physician called Henry. I realised after I wrote the scene that Henry's complex relationship with his mother was almost coming across... how shall I put this? A little Oedipal, which is not what I intended. Oh well, editing's a job for December! 

Anyway, once he'd finished having an ambiguous conversation with his Mama, poor old Henry indulges in his favourite pasttime:

As the fluid turned the colour of molasses, he placed the end of the needle into the puddle, and drew it gently into the syringe. The surface of the silver syringe bloomed a sheen of moisture as the fluid’s warmth reacted with the cool tube.
Henry rolled the narrow tube between his fingers, relishing the warmth of it. As a bubble of dark fluid oozed from the end of the needle, he carefully lifted the tea caddy and peered beneath it.
The rat gazed back at him, his small eyes dark and unreadable.
“Well now,” Henry said, smiling at the creature. “It just might be that you’re the lucky one.”


Anonymous said...

I have to catch up do to a computer hiccup + no internet service for 3 days. Reached yesterdays goal this morning. I'm hoping I can do better tonight.

Charlotte Jane Ivory said...

Ugh, hate those computer gremlins! What's your NaNo username, ralfast? Are we buddies yet?

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's my NaNo name, but for some reason I can't (or can't find) how to add new buddies.


Charlotte Jane Ivory said...

I've just added you as a buddy over there, ralfast. You will get a NaNo mail from me to confirm it, I think. Then just click on my username (hummingbirdchen) and when it goes to my profile you can click on "add as buddy". Don't ask me why it's a two-way process :)