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December 11, 2011

Free EBooks... Be Still, My Beating Coin Purse

Many of my friends will know that I am... how can I put this? Slightly careful with money.

Even though I am now part of a DINK household, and we're both on OK incomes (nothing to write home about, I hasten to add), we still have certain behaviours that persist from our Varsity days. I tend to be drawn to second hand clothes stores, we always buy stuff on special, and we'll trawl the internet to get new stuff at a discount from in the stores.

This is especially so with books. Here in New Zealand, books are horribly expensive. You'd expect to pay $25.99 - $31.99 for a paperback novel, and $45.00 or more for any kind of hardcover. So I've tended to buy second hand books and get a lot of use from my library card.

However, since getting my Kindle (on special!) I have been amazed at the amount of books I can download for really low prices. Not just pulpy, badly written stuff - some really good, impressively-written novels.

 And all that for as litte as $4.99, $2.99, or even 99c? Wow. Life never looked so good.

Until now, that is...

I've recently joined WoMens Literary Cafe, after discovering their Free E-Book Friday. Yum! Free E-Books every Friday, starting in January. I think you might be asked to provide a review once you've read them (heh, give me something free and then ask to share my opinion? Seriously, where's the catch?).

It all kicks off in January, so if you're of the... ahem, careful persuaion, go on over and sign up!

~ Charlotte

PS I don't run or have any vested interest in WoMen's Literary Cafe, but I do love a freebie

PPS In case you were wondering, "DINK" = Dual Income, No Kids 


Trisha said...

Sounds awesome Charlotte! Thanks for the tip. I already have a handful of eBooks on my TBR list that I will nee to review, so I don't know if I can commit to more right now.

I'm like you - I look for specials. Book Depository ROCKS if you didn't know, btw. ;)

Charlotte Jane Ivory said...

Cool, I have heard of that one (Book Depository) but hadn't checked it out yet. Thanks!

Now all we'll want for Christmas is some more TIME to read!

TCW said...

The Book Depository is, indeed, very good. I was surprised to discover that my book ('The White Rajah', if I can have a tiny plug, Charlotte) is cheaper than Amazon if bought through 'The Book Depository' on Amazon's own site (in the UK, at least). You click the 'other sellers' button on the top right of the page for the book you were about to buy and see if another supplier is cheaper. (Remember to factor in postage costs.) If it is, you can go ahead and buy, without having to leave Amazon's site. How anyone makes any money out of this is a mystery to me (though my royalties give a clue, I guess) but it's certainly worth knowing if you're looking for a bargain.

Charlotte Jane Ivory said...

Thanks, TCW! I must check this place out! I'm also scratching my head as to how they would want to have that comparison... but then I was one of those people who thought "how could anyone make money off a search engine?!"
I remember seeing the cover of The White Rajah at Absolute Write. It was very intriguing, and as you know I love historicals. I will line it up on my Kindle! Hope the readership is going well.