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December 29, 2011

The Time Travelling Island

Move over, H G Wells - today Samoa becomes the first nation to time travel.

Yes, indeed, the Pacific island nation Samoa will be time travelling exactly 24 hours - from 29 December to 31 December. Do not pass Friday, do not collect $200.00.

Search me how they're all going to fit in there...
What's It All About?

Samoa has, until today, been toeing the East side of the International Date Line, meaning that it's been one of the last nations in the world to bid adieu to a day, or a year, or in fact a millennium. This has always has been a bit of a nuisance, since the nation's closest neighbours (and trading partners) have generally been on the West side of the Date Line - in other words, while Samoa has been thanking God it's Friday, their nearest and dearest have been getting their Saturday Night Fevah on. And while Samoa has been idling away a Sunday afternoon, other Pacific island nations have been working and trading and stockmarketing in a frenzy of Monday efficiency.

The island nation of Samoa is nothing if not proactive (illustrated by its recent decision to switch to driving on the left side of the road to align with its neighbours). So to address the timing issues, today the country will... well, today the country will do exactly nothing. Because Friday, December 30th, 2011 does not exist for Samoa. They're skipping over it in favour of Saturday, December 31st.

So, while you're out enjoying the post-Christmas sales and finalising your plans for New Year's Eve, spare a thought for Samoa, which doesn't actually exist today...

Gone Time Travellin', Back Saturday

....not to mention those holiday-makers who thought they were getting a seven-day package holiday.


Jen said...

I saw this in the news today. A very practical and sensible solution to the problem -- unless your birthday happens to be Friday, in which case you might feel a bit ripped off.

Charlotte Jane Ivory said...

You're so right Jen, I didn't think of the unhappy birthdays boys and gals.
...Although some of us might be rather glad to skip a birthday and stay the same age for another year. I believe that's what time travellers call "a toofer" :)