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May 3, 2011

Today's Six Word Essay

Just five pounds to Goal Weight!

Me at goal weight in 2005 (yes, I'm sucking in the belly!)


Carolyn Arnold said...

Sweet! I'm rooting for you lady! You can do it! I keep trying, but...excuses get in the way :( lol

Charlotte Jane Ivory said...

Thanks! I think the only reason I've had success this time is that hubby is onboard, so we eat healthy together. Otherwise it would be way too hard.

Trisha said...

Dude, 2005 was when I was at my slimmest too! I had not one extra ounce of fat. Can't say the same today :P I think I could stand to lose 5 kg

Dana said...

You're doing great. You can do it!

Charlotte Jane Ivory said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Dana! My Achilles Heel is that I'm a bit lazy - I enjoy (some) exercise when I get round to it, but "getting round to it" is tough.
@ Trisha, do you think it was something about 2005?!